Keynotes to Bring Pizzazz to Your Meeting!
Known for her incredible interactive keynotes, Cher Holton will bring excitement, energy, and pizzazz to your conference or meeting! As a meeting planner, your reputation is on the line with every speaker you select. Take the pressure off . . . and give your audience the excellence they deserve.

Cher Holton is a meeting planner’s dream. As a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), Cher presents keynotes that offer a flair for the dramatic, real-world practicality,  honest to goodness “customer-ization,” and high energy with strong content.

Here are a few of Cher's most requested Keynotes (but remember: Cher will customize her titles and content to meet your conference theme and audience needs):

Living at the Speed of Life:
Control in a World Gone Bonkers!  speed of life book

Are your people feeling frenzied, fragmented, and frazzled? Is there too much change and not enought stability in their work environment? Do they have too many responsibilities, and not enough time to enjoy life? Are they feeling burned out -- pulled in too many directions at once? This is the perfect program!

Based on her best-selling book by the same title, this keynote really hits home as Cher provides incredible tips to help people bring a feeeling of control back into their lives!

Dance Through Life on Two Left Feet ~ Creating Life Balance in an Out-of-Balance World

Ballroom dancing has taken the world by storm, with reality shows such as Dancing With the Stars draws millions of viewers. Cher Holton brings her ballroom dance experience to the real world, as she shares amazing secrets from the dance world that have immediate application in the world of work.
Cher is a competitive amateur ballroom dancer who, with herballroom book husband has won several gold medals in regional and national championships. Combining her extensive corporate experience with her ballroom adventures, Cher presents a unique program, based on her book, From Ballroom to Bottom Line, in business and in life,  that brings people to their feet.

Move That Bus!
Extreme Makeover: "You" Edition!

How to Remove Any Obstacle to Success in Your Work or Life!

Using the hit T.V. series, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, as a metaphor, Cher shows audiences how they can move past any obstacle, fear, frustration, or self-doubt to create the life they want. This is the perfect keynote to inspire audiences to identify anything that is blocking their peace, prosperity, and joy in work or life as they make purposeful and  meaningful choices.  crackerjack choices book
 An excellent complement to this keynote is Cher's wisdom Book entitled Crackerjack Choices: 200 of the Best Choices You Will Ever Make.

Pizzazz-ercize Your Keynotes and Training Sessions With Audacious Audience Involvement!

Interaction and facilitation require more than just throwing in a group discussion or a role play. If you are going to use interaction or claim yourself to be a facilitator, you must have the ability to select appropriate techniques, and most importantly, debrief them thoroughly.

In this dynamic keynote, designed specifically for in-house trainers, Cher delivers powerful techniques and tips to create incredible training experiences that make an impact. Your folks will learn from a real pro how to transform presentations and training programs into interactive sessions, guiding participants to reach the right destination by debriefing everything they do. Everyone will leave with specific how-tos and Cher's unique debriefing map to guide them.

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