Testimonials (Excerpts)

You know how after a show, everyone wants to read the reviews to see what the critics have to say? Well, we want you to take a peek at the reviews our "critics" have sent in to us!

“Your enthusiasm was contagious. You made us think, laugh, and some even cry with your incredible story telling ability. The team building exercises brought out the most enthusiasm I have seen in a group of managers who had never met before.”
    --Cindi Kornegay, Sprint PCS


“I am seeing people put your training into practice throughout the company, with wonderful results. Your ability to present an incredible amount of usable information while staying focused on participant needs, and to involve everyone in a powerful way is impressive. Every session was fun, informative and exciting. Folks are asking for more! You exceeded our expectations!"

                             --Tricia Payne, Tekelec


“Highly motivational! Excellent descriptions/metaphors. Great real life examples. Positive message to rebuild people and the culture of the organization. These are just a few of the comments we’ve received about your program. You were an outstanding success.”

        --Ron Grote, NCSU 


 “Nearly perfect reviews on the evaluations! One comment from an evaluation said: 'I liked the fact that Cher did not use a PowerPoint presentation! She used practical examples and shared personal experiences, which made the sesson fun and interesting. Excellent speaker.""

                     --from Master Municipal Clerk Academy


 “I have heard the word "moomba" several times since you were here. You have a real gift for bringing energy and passion to your presentation."

                    --Laura Whitehead, U.S. Bankruptcy Court

“It is clear that you have a great gift to identify the audience and customize a presentation to be a hands-on learning experience. You did your homework and accomplished a lot . . . most influential segment of the Underwriting  Managers’ School."

                     --Jennifer Halverson, RMIC


 “The research you did really hit home . . . your program was so focused on our cultural and work issues . . . you really do “walk-the-talk” and have become a legend and a role model here.”

                --Greg Crouse, Office Depot


 “My team has been re-energized and we are truly ready to face the new millennium.”   
   -- Rick Barnes, IBM


 “I was impressed by how quickly both of you were able to build rapport with my team members. Your preparation was excellent. Your skills in conducting the team building “Retreat Forward” were critical to its success. The exercises were challenging, fun and educational. They were specific to business issues and team dynamics. I was impressed!"

           --Tom Kiser, Siemens


“Inspiring! Your understanding of the need for excellence in customer service and your fine method of presentation combined to make not only a valuable, but also an interesting experience for the participants.”

                         --John Heckman, AgFirst Farm Credit Bank