Coaching Opportunities
Whether you are an in-house trainer who wants to create more dynamic and interactive training experiences, a Subject Matter Expert who needs to add spark to your presentation, or an executive who is looking for ways to enhance credibility and leadership charisma, Cher Holton is the coach for you!

Here is an overview of the types of Confidential Coaching Cher offers:

Confidential Coaching for Trainers ~

In-house Trainers are being asked to take on more and more responsibility for the development of the people in their organizations — and they need all the support and guidance they can get!
This is a great opportunity for in-house trainers to work with master facilitator and professional trainer Cher Holton to:
  • transform training programs into interactive sessions;
  • guide participants to reach the right destination by debriefing everything they do;
  • create  customized activities that dramatically improve the take-away value of their programs;
  • generate participation through enhanced facilitation skills;
  • design workbooks that complement the learning experience;
  • use a unique Debriefing Map to ensure the transfer of every training experience back to the workplace.

Confidential Coaching for Speakers ~

Whether you are just thinking about getting into the business of professional speaking, or want to move to a new level in your speaking business, Cher Holton can provide incredible guidance that is grounded in years of experience.
Professional speakers can benefit from Cher's customized coaching in areas such as:
  • jumpstart your business through a unique "Me-Mapping' process;
  • develop a One Sheet and backup marketing materials;
  • refine a signature story and sharpen storytelling skills;
  • polish presentation techniques of a keynote;
  • enhance interaction skills to add impact to speeches.
Confidential Coaching for Executives and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) ~

As an executive or SME, your credibility is critical. Nothing affects your credibility and professional image as much as your ability to present. Every time you are in front of a group, whether it is in a small employee meeting, a large audience, or a group of potential or current clients, you have the privilege of inspiring, educating, and guiding the decisions of those listening to you. This confidential coaching is customized to address your specific needs, and is designed to give you special one-on-one guidance in enhancing the quality and comfort level of your presentation skills.
Each coaching project is designed to fit the issues and style of the executive or SME, and can be conducted at the worksite or at an offsite location. While the goals of each project vary, here are some examples of the kinds of issues that can be addressed
  • Speak with more projection and vocal variety;
  • Improve persuasiveness and ability to positively influence people and events;
  • Use more powerful body language to build rapport and establish a confident professional image;
  • Create effective visuals to support the message being presented;
  • review and redesign PowerPoint Slides for greater impact;
  • Develop creative presentation techniques, such as story telling, use of props, and interaction;
  • Make effective use of rehearsal time;
  • Select appropriate delivery styles based on audience analysis and room layout;
  • Deal effectively with anxiety and fear;
  • Manage a powerful Question/Answer period;
  • Develop dynamic openings and closings;
  • Enhance stage presence.

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